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Solar Panel Glasgow Services

We connect consumers with approved, trustworthy local solar panel installation companies. We are great at it, as we do all the hard work for you. We vet the installers and monitor our consumers’ feedback.

Our free quote websites provide help for homeowners who need professionals for all kinds of work, from solar to wind to boiler grants and quotes.

Is It Absolutely Free?

We accept a small fee from all of our installers for their quotes for your new solar installation, which enables us to pass along the quotes to you absolutely free. Because they are having to compete for your business all in one place, they are aware that they need to provide excellent quotes.

Why Bother?

Even if money is no object, you may prefer working with one company over another. Therefore, it pays to shop for the best service provider and installer for your needs. It helps to look at warranties for work and any maintenance agreements you may sing.

What Does The Process Involve?

We use the information that you provide in the quote form to locate three MCS-approved solar installers among the many businesses within our network. All of the quoted solar providers will contact you to talk about your needs, expectations, and the deal that they are prepared to offer you for your solar installation. The final decision is up to you. In addition if you decide not to use any of the installers, you are under no obligation to buy anything at all.

Quotes Provided By Approved Installers

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme, or MCS, is a symbol of quality and a compliance with the industry standards that companies should be striving to meet. It is a sign to consumers that the companies will consistently install or manufacture to the highest quality standards time and again.

Only MCS-accredited installers are included and allowed in our network of providers. They must all carry the necessary qualifications, and insurance. To qualify for the feed-in-tariff, your installer must be MCS-approved. That demonstrates how important proper installation of high-quality solar panels is.

Our Customers

“I was interested in this technology and the fact that I would recover some capital from my investment thanks to the Feed-In-Tariff. But the initial cost was a factor for us so therefore we were impressed with both the quotation, and product knowledge, provided by Solar Panel Glasgow. Solar Panel Glasgow were excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. They kept their promises on delivery, installation and after-sales and were clean and tidy during the work at our house. In fact, they finished a half-day early.”


Sophie R. - Norfolk
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