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Use Solar Panel Glasgow For Your Home

Solar power is FREE Energy here & now. More households are Choosing Solar, but it can be confusing to compare prices for materials & installation. Solar Panel Glasgow delivers 3 Competitively Priced Quotes from  (trustworthy)  local companies. You choose among 3 FREE Quotes by just entering your requirements.

We did the hard work for you. Locating & Gathering Feedback on solar companies to find the Trustworthy & Fully Approved Companies in your area — It’s like navigating a minefield. Unfortunately  (there are many rogue installers out there)  and it can be difficult to discern between Honest, Knowledgeable, and Skilled — from the Hustlers. It would take hours of research and you might still pick at a loss for a solar panel installation.

Only MCS-Approved Solar Providers.

The installers in our network all have a Solid & Proven Reputation.. also offer Competitive Pricing, & provide a High Level Of Customer Service. Each provider on our site is additionally MCS-Approved  (fully insured)  and willing to go the extra mile to ensure a job well done.
MCS Approved Solar Panels
The solar panel companies are all very aware that they will be Competing For Your Business. That means that they will offer up more Competitive Pricing & Deals For You.

Get Exclusive Access to solar panel & installation quotes.. and in-depth information on Solar PV System Feed in Tariff and Solar Installation.

You will NOT Be Charged Us  (or the solar companies providing the quotes) Once you have had a chance to shop among the quoted companies — asked your questions — you May or May Not Decide any provider is for you. In other words, these are absolutely FREE — No Obligation Quotes.

Get your 3 FREE quotes today & avoid rogue traders while unearthing the Best Price for solar panel installation & service.

Compare 3 competitive offers in a hassle-free process among only MCS-Approved Installers. This is a 100% FREE shopping process designed to save you time & money.

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What Is Solar PV?

Make Money & Save Money when you invest in buying a solar PV system for your home. The government’s Feed-In Tariff Rewards you with Monetary Payment for the energy your solar panels produce — even if you were to use it all up on Your Own Home. At night when the solar panels are inactive.. you simply draw electricity from the electric grid as you did as a traditional energy consumer.

Changing up your routines to being active with your energy use during daylight hours maximises the Returns & Efficiency of your solar panels.

Why Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a FREE Energy Source, other than Investing in the installation — The prices have dropped  (so much)  so that a typical Solar PV system now costs as little as £3,995 — whilst providing a Tax-Free Return on your Investment of around. You will find yourself getting a better return than a typical Savings Account on offer.

It also provides Price Protection against future increases in Utility Bills. It is a win-win solution for the earth and your money.

Reduce Bills

Sunlight is FREE, and once the solar PV system is paid off, you will notice an Instant Reduction in energy costs.. The typical 4kw system saves £135 per year just on your bills.

Payment For Creating Energy

The Feed-in-Tariff Payment is going strong  (which is akin to payment for creating energy)  The energy you do not use gets Sold Back to the grid for Additional Earnings. With solar coming down in price your still able to win despite the FIT cuts.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar is a Green & Renewable Energy Source. Installation of the average system on the rooftop space Saves Approximately 1,800  (tonnes of CO2) from entering into our Environment Annually.

Typical Solar System SizeFIT Income (£/Year)Export Tariff Income (£/Year)Electricity Bill Savings (£/Year)Carbon Dioxide Savings (kg/year)
4kWpContact For Rates£90£1351,850kg

*Figures for average 4kWp. Reference provided by the Energy Saving Trust.

What Is MCS?

Through our nationwide network of MCS-approved installers, we have been able to save homeowners and even tenants money. We monitor the customer feedback we receive about installers to ensure continually high customer satisfaction from great service.

Get your three, no-obligation quotes today to start reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying cost savings of going solar. The quotes are free.

Quotes Provided By Approved Installers

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme, or MCS, is a symbol of quality and a compliance with the industry standards that companies should be striving to meet. It is a sign to consumers the companies that consistently install or manufacture at the highest quality standards time and again.

Only MCS-accredited installers are included and allowed in our network of providers. They must all carry the necessary qualifications, and insurance. To qualify for the feed-in-tariff, your installer must be MCS-approved. That demonstrates how important proper installation of high-quality solar panels is.

Our Customers

“I was interested in this technology and I liked that I would recover some capital from my investment thanks to the Feed-In-Tariff.The initial cost was a factor for us so we were happy with both the quotations we received, and knowledge they had. I would recommend them to anyone. They kept their promises on delivery, installation and after-sales. They were clean and tidy during the day at our house. In fact, they finished a half-day early.”


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